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KLB's "That's Good Mustard" BBQ Sauce, is the creation of Kevin & Latonya Bobo from Charleston SC. People can't stop talking about the bold, spicy, full flavor of our Carolina Mustard bbq sauce. "That's Good Mustard" will give you an authentic experience in true South Carolina BBQ no matter where you live. Our special blend of herbs and spices go great on all of your grilled meat. Pork, venison, poultry, or beef. Just the right combination of heat and sweet.


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South Carolina, Mustard based bbq sauces have their origins in the 18th century when German immigrants brought this style of sauce from Europe and combined it with the indigenous pork bbq. To this day you can still see the German connection in the names of the towns and Bar-B-Que  joints where mustard based bbq sauce is still the only way to go.


I took a bite, and it was simply amazing!  The mustard flavor blended perfectly into the chicken.  No one particular spice overpowered another, and everything worked in perfect harmony.  This sauce is the real deal! ...READ MORE @ bigwaynerbbq.com


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